About Us

Before your night out, how often do you wonder whatís going on that night in your town?† Where are the drink specials?† How long do they last?† Is there a cover, and if so, how much?† Which band is playing where? †
Because of these commonly asked questions, we wanted to provide one place for students to have all their questions answered, one place that lists all the drink specials, covers, live entertainmentÖthis place is Campus Crawlers.††
As students on tight budgets, we recognized the importance of saving money along with the desire for a good time.† Our mission for Campus Crawlers is to take all the questions and worry out of planning your night, whether you are in your town or visiting another campus.†
We traveled campus-to-campus, visiting studentsí favorite bars in that area.† If you donít see your favorite bar or drink special, donít hesitate to contact us.† We created this website for your convenience.† If you donít see your campus listed on the home page yet, donít worry.† Expansion is coming soon.

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